• The quality and reliability of electricity generation and distribution is a very topical issue and to date, no event has showcased the many outstanding Italian and European companies in this sector. 

  • Thanks to DPE, the electrical generation, distribution, security and automation ecosystem now has an event to represent it.

  • Recent international developments have given a significant impetus to the reshoring of production chains in the sector, undermining the currently predominant role played by Asian countries. Consolidating engineering and production leadership in energy generation and distribution is therefore of strategic importance for Italy and Europe. 

  • DPE aims to help define and promote a competitive and sustainable supply chain by giving all players in the sector a biennial event where the community can come together to do business, reflect, discuss new technological trends and generate knowledge and progress that benefits the electricity generation and distribution industry.

DPE è l'unica fiera europea in cui puoi incontrare l'electrical power system community per:

Stabilire nuovi contatti

  • Incontri con buyer nazionali ed internazionali, distributori, progettisti e contractor
  • Matchmaking con buyer selezionati e internazionali
  • Networking durante la partecipazione ai workshop e agli eventi
  • Confronto con imprenditori e decision maker profilati


Sviluppare nuovi business

  • Contatti allo stand con nuovi visitatori
  • Confronto con un'ampia platea di professionisti interessati alle tue innovazioni e tecnologie
  • Incontri con esperti per lo sviluppo di nuovi business
  • Scounting di nuovi clienti
  • Contatti internazionali con i massimi esperti del settore


Diventare protagonista dell'innovazione

  • Raccontare le tue innovazioni ai convegni e ai seminari
  • Partecipare o organizzare mostre tematiche
  • Presentare le tue tecnologie e le tue idee innovative

DPE is the only European trade show at which you can meet the electrical power system community in order to:

Establish new contacts

  • Meetings with national and international buyers, distributors, designers and contractors
  • Matchmaking with selected and international buyers
  • Networking while attending workshops and events
  • Discussions with selected businesspeople and decision-makers


Develop new business

  • Contact with new visitors at your stand
  • Discussions with a large audience of professionals interested in your innovations and technology
  • Meetings with experts to develop new business
  • Scouting new clients
  • International contacts with the leading sector experts

Become an innovation leader

  • Talk about your innovations at conventions and seminars
  • Take part in or organise themed exhibitions
  • Present your technologies and your innovative ideas