DPE Agora is a multifunctional square that hosts:


The forum with its series of workshops


The business lounge:  meetings with buyers


The Media Room: trade sector magazine and international press

With the support of the University of Padua

Themes to be addressed during the Forum:

  1. INNOVATION: in on-site power generation,
  2. MARKET: industry and country trends,
  3. UPDATES: updates by the companies.

The Forum is organized in collaboration with the University of Padua.


  • Prof. Nicola Bianchi, Department of Electrical Engineering and the Electric Drives Laboratory
  • Prof. Fabio Tinazzi, Department of Industrial Systems Management and Engineering


These workshops present the latest developments in the application of electronics and electrical sciences as a means of promoting industrial and production processes.

In collaboration with IEEE - The Industrial Electronics Society.
IEEE encompasses a diverse range of technical activities devoted to the application of electronics and electrical sciences for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing processes. These technical activities address the latest developments in intelligent and computer control systems, robotics, factory communications and automation, flexible manufacturing, data acquisition and signal processing, vision systems, and power electronics.

Speakers and themes:

Electric machine fault diagnosis.

Professor Jose Antonino Daviu, IEEE Distinguished Lecturers 2019-2020, Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Over recent years, the use of advanced signal processing, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition methods has proliferated in the electric motors fault diagnosis area. Tools and techniques that showed good results in other scientific fields have been recently applied to several motor signals (vibrations, currents, fluxes...) and have enabled to obtain very relevant information about the health of different machine components. In this context, the use of sophisticated time-frequency transforms has expanded the applicability of classical techniques to many other operation regimes of the machine. The objective of this lecture is to provide an overview of the different signal processing techniques that are being currently used in the electric motor condition monitoring field, including both classical tools and recently used transforms in the area: wavelet transforms, Hilbert-Huang transforms, Wigner-Ville and Choi- Williams Distributions and their variants... The lecture will detail the bases of each particular technique and will provide real case stories in which the use of these transforms was critical to reach a correct conclusion on the motor condition. The target audience is based on practicing engineers, researchers and even master students, interested in the area of electrical machines fault diagnosis.

Recent research issues related to the large penetration of renewable energy sources in distribution grids.

Professor Paolo Mattavelli, IEEE Distinguished Lecturers 2019-2020, Department of Management and Engineering, Università di Padova.

The lecture will describe some recent issues related to the large penetration of renewable energy sources in distribution grids. The presentation will initially focus on the unintentional islanding with Photovoltaic (PV) sources due to recently introduced grid codes. Then, the analysis of stability and interaction with a large number of converters will be addressed.
Finally, a coordinated control between different energy sources to reduce distribution losses will be discussed. Examples with simulation models, Real-time simulations and Hardware-in-the-Loop, and small-scale laboratory prototypes will be reported.

Power Electronics Technologies for Utility Scale Battery Energy Storage

Professor Vassilios G. Agelidis, IEEE Distinguished Lecturers 2019-2020, Technical University of Denmark

The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) poses a major challenge to the operation of the electricity grid owing to the intermittent nature of their power output. The ability of utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) to provide grid support and smooth the output of RES in combination with their decrease in cost has fueled research interest in this technology over the last couple of years. This lecture presents power electronics technologies for utility BESS.

Electric generators (workshop details to be clarified)

Endothermic engines
Professor Giuseppe Cantore (workshop details to be clarified)


Presentation of market data, trends, the most promising countries and related in-depth analysis.
Romain Mocaer

PowerGen Statistics, the market leading database dedicated to the generator market world-wide.

  • Market size database dedicated to the global generator market.
  • Monthly monitor of the imports & exports of generators across the globe.
  • Focused reports and articles about the generator market. For example “The transition period of the EU rental generator market”.


The exhibiting companies can book slots in which to present new products during the course of a dedicated session.

Workshop characteristics:

  • Speeches at Agora are brief (30/40 minutes) and practical/informative in nature, even if the fruit of university research.
  • They are open to all, exhibitors and visitors at both DPE and the Ecomondo and Key Energy exhibitions that will run simultaneously.
  • General in nature, they provide an overview of the subject in question.
  • In light of the strong synergy, the content of DPE and Key Energy workshops will be coordinated by the organisational office.
  • Speeches are in Italian or English.


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