The data center market has been booming for several years, and this will continue in the coming years with the growth of 5G, video streaming, cloud computing, IOT and all other internet related services.

Supplying uninterrupted power to data centers 100% of the time is critical for operations and backup generators are used to ensure the components have uninterrupted power.

So far, the European data center market has been very concentrated on few territories, but several trends emerge:

- Web giants will continue to invest in hyperscale Tier III & Tier IV data centers in target countries (Northern Europe, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany). This will grow the generator market as high power redundancy is required to meet the Tier III & IV standards.

- More regional data centers (Edge data center) will be built in the coming years to be closer to the end users. Although these smaller data centers will need much less back up power than traditional data centers (due to their size and less power redundancy (smart reliability)), however it will move the market forward in many EU countries.